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He/Him, 2020 Grant Recipient

My name is Arya, I'm a trans guy that's been transitioning for 4 years, on testosterone for 2 years. I enjoy drawing, playing video games, and learning about psychology. I want to open up my own group home and youth center for LGBTQ youth.





It's funny, I guess I didn't realize how much happiness getting top surgery would bring me. Maybe that's silly to say, but I didn't expect every moment to get giddy when I see my chest is flat. Every shirt I put on, even ones I've had since high-school, feel like a new shirt because I get to see how it fits with my flat chest. I feel more like me, I feel like I can express a more feminine side because I pass and won't get questioned anymore. It's euphoric.
I didn't expect this much to happen to me. 2020 was terrible for a lot of reasons. But despite it all, I won a grant and got an amazing surgery done. I was just a broke kid who was kicked out and had no money or support. I would never be able to afford top surgery, not for years down the road; so to be able to get it so early in my life is beyond outstanding.
I'm honored and so grateful for what I've received!

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