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Some information about health insurance options available for transgender patients and how they can obtain health insurance through The Affordable Care Act.

The Affordable Care Act has several different options for inclusive insurance for our transgender patients including Select Health, University Health Plan, and Cigna, other years they offer other plans as well (for example Molina, but they have not been as "trans-friendly").

We have worked since 2014 with a small independent insurance agency (family business) that has helped over 300 of our patients obtain trans inclusive insurance.

They also help employees at Rebirth get insurance and my own family as well since we are on Obamacare.

As you know Intermountain owns Select Health, including Select Health Medicaid. Steward Health owns Healthchoice Medicaid and the U of U owns the University Healthplan and Healthy U Medicaid.

Select Health has been trans-inclusive in the last few years and they only require only one letter from a therapist for bottom surgery. They also give patients options regarding surgeons in and out of state.

Insurances like BCBS (BlueCross BlueShield) and United Health Care often allow patients to pick their own surgeons from many different states and cover "out of network" benefits (the surgeons are not always covered under these health plans, but the insurance pays anyway). For example, Starbucks offers a plan like that so patients can choose their own surgeon, so does Disney and Netflix, and eBay.

The HRC has a website with an LGBTQ Equality list; these are companies to work for that score points for being LGBTQ inclusive and they often offer great "trans-inclusive" health insurance. I often give our patients that information when they are looking for a job that offers health insurance.

Regarding cash pay, some surgeons offer "Care Credit" which is a way of borrowing money from a company for surgeries that then pays the surgeon/hospital fee, and the patient pays it off after surgery to the credit company. There is typically a discount involved but the interest rates can be very high (and patients end up paying a lot more for surgeries to the credit company after their surgeries instead of saving up upfront). I discuss this with our patients, and I don't recommend they use "Care Credit" but save the money first.

We want every person in the USA to be able to have insurance since healthcare is a right, not a privilege. As you know our "out of pocket/self-pay" rates are reasonable and we have a contract with LabCorp for very cheap labs and offer payment plans to those that have a difficult time paying medical bills.

Rixt Luikenaar MD

she/her they/them

Rebirth Health Center/Rebirth Obgyn

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