Are you a self-starter, good at organizing, and a pleasure to work with? You would be a great Administrative Assistant for Genderbands! We need the right administrative assistant who enjoys working with the LGBT community to help our team stay organized and focused. The value the successful candidate will add to our office is impossible to overstate. The core responsibilities of the Administrative Assistant involve supporting our Executive Director (ED) in keeping organized and completing essential tasks.



Want to help out but not sure where to start? Volunteer! It’s a great way to contribute to our work and every little thing helps. Get in touch with us today for more details about how you can help.



Volunteer Coordinator

Estimated 5-10 hrs a week

Time varies depending on time of year and events. Summer is usually the busiest.

  • Contact and vet new volunteer applicants

  • Assign volunteers jobs

  • Make sure volunteers are properly tracking their hours

  • Remind group facilitators of meetings

  • Get/find volunteers when a need arises

  • Help recruit new volunteers

  • Weekly volunteer interaction in Slack channel

  • Add new volunteers to Slack

  • Add new volunteers to FB group

  • Handle volunteer appreciation