Want to help out but not sure where to start? Volunteer! It’s a great way to contribute to our work and every little thing helps. Get in touch with us today for more details about how you can help.



TikTok Content Creator

Estimated 5 hrs a week

  • Generate ideas for content to post on the official Genderbands TikTok account

  • Tailor content for our target market of Gen Z TikTok users who are either part of the LGBT community or supporters of the community

  • Research strategies for maximizing virality

  • Stay on top of recent platform trends and how they could be used to promote Genderbands’ brand

  • Create, film, and edit new videos to post

  • Reformat existing Genderbands promotional videos for TikTok

  • Post at least 3 video to Genderbands’ TikTok account every week

  • New videos may feature self and/or the Executive Director

  • Monitor and reply to messages and comments

 Please also include the link to your TikTok profile with your application.



Volunteer Coordinator

Estimated 5-10 hrs a week

Time varies depending on time of year and events. Summer is usually the busiest.

  • Contact and vet new volunteer applicants

  • Assign volunteers jobs

  • Make sure volunteers are properly tracking their hours

  • Remind group facilitators of meetings

  • Get/find volunteers when a need arises

  • Help recruit new volunteers

  • Weekly volunteer interaction in Slack channel

  • Add new volunteers to Slack

  • Add new volunteers to FB group

  • Handle volunteer appreciation