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They/Them, 2020 Grant Recipient

Shiloh is a trans, non-binary creature raised in the Chochenyo Ohlone Territory- Oakland, California. They are an anti-war veteran that uses their microphone as a veteran to speak out against the harm caused by US imperialism and militarism, both abroad and stateside. Shiloh views their current work in early childhood and elementary education as a loving way to shape the future they wish to see; a future that is radically inclusive, radically soft, and radically healing. Being a safe place for queer and trans youth within the often oppressive school system is deeply important and an honor Shiloh holds dear.


It is a pleasure to show my gratitude for the Genderbands organization. When I submitted my application for a grant, I thought it was such a long shot- but one I had to take as having gender affirming top surgery was seemingly further and further out of reach. A few months later, and a couple months into the pandemic that would uproot much of our lives, I heard back from Ian with amazing news: I had been selected for the Buncke Clinic grant that would cover half of the cost of surgery!! Its been about 3 months since my surgery and I feel incredible in my body and in my heart, and wish for all peoples seeking gender affirming surgeries to have access to them. I’m beyond grateful for orgs like Genderbands that are making that a possibility!

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