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Insurance: Are your GRS covered?

5 Things You Should Know: Insurance Coverage

Morgan Menendez

Practice Manager, Crane Center for Transgender Surgery

Gender Affirmation Surgery entails a big operation with extensive planning.

Here’s 5 things to keep in mind when you opt to use insurance coverage towards surgery:

  1. Ensure your insurance policy includes Transgender Benefits.

Transgender Benefits are required for surgery coverage. Following your initial consultation with Crane Center you will be issued a Verification of Benefits form, which will outline any red flags on surgery coverage and your potential financial responsibility.

2. Obtain all required WPATH letters.

At the Crane Center we follow the WPATH Standards of Care. Letters of support from licensed mental health providers and/or hormone providers are required as part of the surgical transition process. Your insurance provider also requires the same letters to approve coverage.

3. Schedule your surgery.

It takes approximately 2-3 months to obtain proper authorization from your insurance company. Our office will advise on the first available date to allow sufficient time for our insurance experts to obtain proper authorization.

4. Obtain prior authorization.

Our office will submit all required documentation to your insurance company to obtain proper prior authorization and will reach out if your assistance is needed.

5. If surgery is denied we are here to help.

Here at the Crane Center, if your surgery is denied we will do everything in our power to overturn the decision.

Morgan Menendez

Practice Manager, Crane Center for Transgender Surgery

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